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Avocado Sales and Supplies


Amongst all fruits, avocado is exceptional. It is a hive of healthy fats that have
bounteous benefits to your health. Did you know ripe avocados have higher
levels of potassium than bananas? A 100g serving contains 14% of the
recommended daily amount (RDA). Comparatively, the same serving of
bananas contains 10% of potassium. Avocado nutrition doesn’t stop there, as a
high-fat source, it’s the perfect fruit for a healthy heart. Recent research shows
that fat is associated with heart complications and diseases. Oleic acid, also
found in olive oil, is a major component in the fat contained in ripe avocados.
Hence this type of fat is safe and healthy for consumption. Avocado fats are
also resistant to the usual process of cooking fat production known as heatinduced oxidation. You are guaranteed quality and safety if you choose to use
avocado oil for cooking.

Today, avocado farmers are working harder to match the demand in local and
international markets. The high standards required for the fruit to be exported
have also pushed them to review their farming practices. Most of them have
switched to organic ways of farming. If you are planning to join the movement
or have been in the business for a while, here’s what you need to know
regarding avocado sales and supplies in Kenya and abroad. Jumbo, hass, and
fuerte are the most common varieties being produced. The Jumbo variety is
sold locally, while hass is mainly exported to the global market. Long shelf life
after ripening, quick maturation process, and unique taste are the core reasons
hass is dominating the exportation sector.

Local market sales:
You’ll need to do preliminary research on current avocado prices in the local
market. You can contact farmers in different locations and seek information on
the current price per fruit. The interaction will also allow you to weigh in
options and discover the challenges involved. Nevertheless, it’s a good start to
build connections with other farmers. After you’ve assessed what the farmers
have to say, you should visit the target markets. Fruits and vegetables are
priced differently depending on availability, logistical requirements, demand,
and season. Take your time to get enough information and use it to deduce a
workable strategy to start or improve your sales.

Global market sales:
The exportation process demands precision and competence. With the business
of avocado sales booming: the market has been flooded with extortion
schemes which have impacted many farmers negatively. You should consult
government institutions that control and govern the exportation process. An
example is The Export Promotion Council (EPC). As a farmer, you can also do a
background check on the international company you plan to work with. The
Horticultural Crops Directorate (HCD) is in charge of coordinating and
regulating the horticultural sub-sector in Kenya. If they’re listed by HCD, you
are certain their business is legitimate.

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3 Replies to “Avocado Sales and Supplies”

  1. Many opportunities in the avocado market, this highly nutritious and health promoting fruit comes in many varieties. As stated in the article Hass is the most favorable for export. Indigenous varieties can also be very tasty and can have international potential. How? Well for example through processing the fruit, into oil or into spread.

    In stead of Hass, let’s also focus on our local Kenyan varieties and let’s be creative!

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