Supply Chain

A ‘value chain’ in agriculture is the set of actors and activities that bring agricultural product from production in the field to final consumption, where at each stage value is added to the product. We are all part of value chains in one way or the other as producers, consumers of goods and services, processors, transporters, retailers, finance providers, etc. Farmers need to think of themselves as part of an agricultural value chain, quite often they forget to do so!

Supply Chain


Plan cultivation schedules to time harvest for maximum shelf life.

Harvest & Selection

In collaboration with farmers/partners, we plan cultivation schedules to time harvest for maximum shelf life. Also improve physical handling to avoid or reduce deterioration of products.


We organize the delivery of products to the various destinations. We use centralized or decentralized transportation system depending on the assignment at hand.


We take measures meant to ensure that food products meet certain safety and quality standards. We are certified by Global Gap and Grasp among others.


It’s part of post harvest management to remove field heat and improve storage quality. Where necessary we store in conducive and safe conditions for ripening.


Sorting/trimming to separate undesirable part and to select healthy and uniform produce and the packaging.


Reduce contamination through use of proper practices, standards, and tools. Maintain hygiene during food handling and storage through improved packaging.


Schedule transportation for ideal storage conditions for products while in transit.


We ensure that our large scale customers get good reviews from their retailers.


Finally he end users get good quality products via the retailers and thereafter provide feedback for further improvement.