Challenges Avocado Farmers Are Facing

Harvesting avocado fruits bountifully is a dream every farmer has. The process of sourcing the seedlings, planting, and finally, harvesting is one that comes with patience and a set of challenges. The market place showcases the full tenacity of each farmer. Their differences in production are influenced by so many conditions. Here are the challenges farmers are facing in avocado farming.

Poor quality seedlings
Most novice and even experienced avocado farmers are not able to discern the
quality of the seedlings they purchase. They end up planting poor quality
seedlings that don’t stand the test of time. To avoid the aforementioned,
avocado farmers should purchase their seedlings from accredited agricultural
firms. These firms are regulated by the government, and hence their quality of
seedlings and other products is assured. They can also seek consultation from
established organizations like Vivo Fresh Kenya.

Pests and Diseases
Orchards are a target point for different pests like the fruit fly. Diseases that
affect avocado fruits include Phytophthora and Anthracnose. Farmers who have
little, or no knowledge of the type of pesticides they should use to prevent pest
infestation and control disease, suffer immensely due to harvest shrinkage. If
used inappropriately, unapproved pesticides can lead to environmental

Poor harvesting methods
Avocado harvesting requires equitable skills, and though the task may be
daunting for many, with the right equipment, it’s easy to complete. Harvesters
should use poles to make sure the hauling process is smooth. Most avocado
farmers do not have enough poles, and hence fruits are damaged during

Consultation issues
One thing every farmer dreads is a wrong recommendation, product, or method
they intend to use. Today, new agricultural businesses are starting up, and
agro-shops are a few blocks away. You’d expect farming consultation services
to be enlightening and practical. Conversely, the majority of shop attendants
do not have the expertise needed to advise and propose matching products or
methods to those clients who seek their services.
Poor connections
The gap between farmers, local vendors, and exporters has led to a decreased
market turnover.

There’s a scarcity of schools and institutions that offer farming classes to
avocado farmers. Sensitization programs are also not available in the
marginalized areas. Some of the institutions that offer these types of services
also fail to involve farmers in practical expeditions to complement the acquired
theoretical skills.

Fruit production
Avocado trees vary in their maturity. Farmers with relatively older trees can
harvest more.

While avocado production has been met with a high demand, farmers haven’t
been able to decide which variety they can specialize on. The difference in the
preferred fruits for the local market and exportation category, has also
influenced seedling sellers to wheedle farmers into purchasing the wrong

For productivity purposes, avocado farming should be done on fertile land and
a minimum of approximately 80 trees that produce 1000 fruits per year per
season. A lot of farmers have small lands or lack enough resources to own land.
For those that chose to rent a farm, the costs incurred may affect the overall
profit margins.

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