Shamba Kwa Soko Initiative

The Shamba Kwa Soko iniative is a program that connects farmers, exporters and traders to markets. One of the main problems in the East African agriculture sector is that the growers do not know the route to market and are left to the mercy of middlemen that tend to exploit the farmers by offering extremely low prices.

(Farm to Market)

Vivo Fresh has a strong marketing and sales team and uses a selection of partners to effectively offer produce to a global market. The Quality Control Department works with experienced field officers to support producers in growing their crops in a sustainable manner that is internationally accepted to ensure high quality produce.
With Shamba Kwa Soko Vivo Fresh comes with an initiative whereby farmers and others can offer their (upcoming) crops through Vivo Fresh and Vivo Fresh will market them globally. By leaving out the middlemen farmers can get better rates for their produce.
East Africa has the potential to be one of the major food cradles of the world. In the past decennium agriculture has seen leaps in production and quality of production. Agribusiness is a great contributor to East African economies. Favorable climatic conditions have pushed this uprush of agriculture. In the East African geoclimatic region almost any crop can be produced.

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