Shamba Kwa Soko Initiative, You Farm, We Sell

In the wake of uncertain markets, Vivo Fresh Kenya wants to help farmers get
more from their hard work. Kenyan farmers have been approaching the market
in low hopes and soaring disappointments. It’s a story they can tell from their
experiences with different business cartels that have left them bogged down in
debt and losses. They have either suffered from a poor harvest or a product
that was met with poor market rates. Vivo Fresh Kenya is working towards an
allyship to solve this brazen crisis. East Africa has been a huge influencer in the
global markets, but most farmers have had to dig deeper into their pockets to
prevent their businesses from collapsing. It is out of these concerns that the
Shamba Soko Initiative was created.

As an established and accredited company, we are in the inured process of
doing business between farmers in Kenya, clients in the local market and
abroad. We aim at enabling you as a farmer to access broader market links and
improve your sales. Forget the middlemen (brokers) who squander your profits
in the mists of time. We have a robust, qualified marketing and sales team that
is results-oriented rather than impressive. Your core goal, if you choose to work
with us, will only be farming. The hustles and bustles of getting your product to
the consumer and retailer will be our obligation

Shamba Kwa Soko Initiative is a bridge between farmers, exporters, and
traders to markets. Let’s face the grappling fact that you did the heavy lifting.
Farming is a demanding job. It’s now time for you to come to abound with a
sales relief. When you enroll in Shamba Kwa Soko, you showcase your
(upcoming) crops through Vivo Fresh. Upon submission, Vivo Fresh will market
the products globally. That way, you are assured that your products reach a
larger market, which translates to more sales.

At first, it’s jolting trying to make sure your farm is giving you the expected
harvest. We understand your concerns, that’s why we have our team on
standby ready to assist you. We will do a follow up with our field officers from
the quality control department. They will guide you into the right farming
practices to produce high-quality products that match international standards.
Forget the upheavals of selling your product. Fill out and submit the Shamba
Kwa Soko Initiative form, and we will get back to you. The possibilities are

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